Regulatory Certification

York Medical Physics also serves clients by preparing ALARA reports for Nuclear Medicine and Radiation Oncology departments. Work performed by York Medical Physics will meet all applicable Federal, State of California, ACR/ICANLĀ and The Joint Commission standards. The company is especially proud of the 100% compliance rate of its auditing division.

Our experienced associates can provide:

  • Dose Calibrator regulatory calibrations: Accuracy, Geometry, Cali-Check/Lineator Linearity
  • Leak Testing on sealed sources: YMP is licensed by the California Department of Public Health (CDPH) as a qualified vendor.
  • Regulatory compliance testing on air ventilation systems for negative air pressure.
  • Efficiency Testing & Chi-Square Calibration: Scintillation Probes & Well Counters.
  • Conduct regulatory ALARA Audits for Nuclear Medicine and Radiation Oncology departments. ALARA Auditing is offered quarterly, semi-annual, or annually.
  • Additional services such as LLRW Reports, RAML Applications, RAML Renewal Applications, RAML Amendments, Inventory of Sealed Sources, and Xenon Trap Leak Testing are available.