Dose Calibrator Services:
Cali-Check Linearity
Linearity Test
*The above tests include: calculations,
certification and consultation if necessary.

Sealed Source Services:
Beta Emitter Leak Testing
Leak Testing
Channel Check / Decay Charts
Inventory of Sealed Sources

Department Wipe/Survey Program:
Map Set-up
Map Revision

MCA or Scintillation
Instrument Testing:

Chi-Square Test
Efficiency Test
High Voltage Testing

Air Ventilation Testing:
Negative Air Pressure Ventilation Testing

Xenon Trap Leak Testing:
Xenon Alarm Calibration
Xenon Trap Leak Test

Instrument Calibration:
Survey Meter Calibration in mR/hr and CPM
Minor Repair
Survey Meter Evaluation
* Plus Shipping and Handling

Regulatory Issues:
ALARA Audits
RAML Application
RAML Renewal Application
RAML Amendment

Miscellaneous Services:
Decommissioning / Exit Survey
LLRW Report

Rental Equipment:
Dose Calibrator
Survey Meters


Additional Client Services

York Medical Physics takes great pride in providing all of our clients with premium quality services that are guaranteed timely, comprehensive, meticulous and flexible.  There are, however, even more reasons for choosing York Medical Physics:

  • Client accounts are handled nationwide, including New York, Florida, California, Nevada and Montana.
  • Several major U.S. Radiopharmacies do business with York Medical Physics.
  • Consultations in ACR, Radiology, Radiation Therapy and Nuclear Medicine are available through a Health Physics Group affiliated with York Medical Physics.
  • Reminder cards are sent monthly to your facility reminding them of the pending radiation safety items due in order to maintain regulatory compliance. A call is placed a month prior to the service deadline to schedule services at a convenient time. Service will not interrupt patient flow.
  • ALARA certificates are maintained for a minimum of five years at the office of York Medical Physics.
  • All clients will have access to their facility’s ALARA certificates through our easy online database. Each client will have their own username and password to access the website. This will eliminate paper records and filing, allowing our clients to reduce their time spent organizing documents. York Medical Physics will keep records organized for you online!
  • Telephone consulting with the company’s professional executive staff is available to all clients.